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Kolosova Daria
About painter:

Resident Pop Up Museum, Nikolskaya Gallery (Moscow, Miami)

Prize-winner of the International Art Project "Royal Races". Formula 1 with a painting on real copper “The Heart of the Scuderia Ferrari”, 2020

Official artist of Luxury Road Casa Ricca Expo - Car Rally in Moscow, 2020 Painting "Light" made for the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, 2020

The Heart of «The Scuderia Ferrari» bought the Auto Sport Museum of Sochi for permanent exhibition, 2020

September 23-24, 2020 - collective exhibition "Royal racing" in the Auto Sport Museum, Sochi, dedicated to the 70th arrival Formula 1

It's hard to imagine, but Daria Kolosova was born in the Arctic Circle, in a harsharctic climate of Yakutia. The Eskimos say "the call of the North Star", the Finns say "the fox lights", and the Chinese are sure that a child conceived under the northern lights will be talented. And so it happened!

Successfully graduated Bachelor in Graphic Design. Daria works as a fashion designer of hats.

But the desire for maximum creativity and freedom of improvisation overpowers. And so, the first solo exhibition takes place, success, rave reviews, articles in magazines and sales works. Daria Kolosova's paintings are in private collections in Russia, Monaco, UK, USA and abroad. Copper works are her hallmark. After all Daria and her team did a real study of copper sheets and were able to develop the perfect copper canvas. However, she continues experiment and look

October 29 - November 15, 2020 - collective exhibition "Royal Race" at the Art Museum, Sochi, dedicated to the 70th Formula 1 race

painters works
Kolosova Daria
287 000
It is a success
Kolosova Daria
Painting, 100 x 100 cm
282 000
Good News
Kolosova Daria
Painting, 80 x 100 cm
213 000

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