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Берег Наталья
About painter:

Natalya Bereg is a modern artist from Russia who translates deeply sensual artistic ideas through video art, installations, cinema, collages. It is to her that the creation of a new, most relevant type of modern art, like Video Painting / Videopicture, belongs.

The central line of the artist's entire creativity is the concept, which spits with emotion. The artist is convinced that only emotions are the most sincere and authentic manifestations of human nature, its individuality and uniqueness in general. It is precisely cleared of words, complexes, stereotypes and critics of feeling that are able to return a person’s individual self to man, and to humanity as a whole, mutual understanding and, as a result, love.

Each work of the artist is devoted to one idea and expressed in such a figurative audio-visual language, which aims to identify and experience one or several sensual emotions that amaze the viewer to his very nature and self. Thus, the viewer has no choice but to succumb to a strong wave of emotional experience and plunge into his nature - into his unique feelings, which will become a springboard for reciprocity between people and, as a consequence, love.

Member of the International Biennale of Contemporary Art in Moscow 2017 year.

Prize-winner of several seasons “Russian Art Park”

Member of the Russian-Chinese Biennale of Contemporary Art 2018

Participant of the Art Exhibition “Fashion Symbol. Energy era "State" Fashion Museum "with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation

Participant of the Art Exhibition "Sport plus Fashion" of the State "Fashion Museum" with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation

Participant of the first exhibition of contemporary art “Perpendicular Program” of the Art Space “ARTHAIM” 2017

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