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Ryzhkova Olga
About painter:

Olga Ryzhkova was born in Serov, Sverdlovsk region, Russia.
2013 - received professional education at the Ural State University of Architecture and Art, Yekaterinburg.
Lives and works in Yekaterinburg, Russia.
Since 2021 Olga is a resident beauty of ALBE ART GALLERY, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Olga is a professional artist and her work is available in collections in Europe, USA and Russia.

The artist represents the problem of representatives of all mankind. Olga contains emotions not just as an observer, but also experiences them herself through the outcome of events in her life. Analyzes the space of emotions from the position of an observer, from the position of an accomplice and from the position of an actor - the creator of emotions.

Selected group exhibitions:
December 15, 2021 - December 30, 2022 – “Starfall”, gallery “Here on Taganka”, Moscow
November 04-November 14, 2021 – exhibition “Time, forward!”, Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
August 23 - October 31, 2021 - "StopAAPIHate" group exhibition in support of the Asian American and Pacific Islander community, Zhou B Art Center, Chicago, Illinois, USA. Curators: Sergio Gomez and Anes Lee (Sergio Gomez and Anes Lee).
August 15-October 03, 2021 - exhibition "FREEDOM" ("FREEDOM"), "ALBE Art Gallery", Abu Dhabi, UAE.
June 12-July 02, 2021 - exhibition "Preparation of Bohemia", Ivanovo, IEC
June 06-July 06, 2021 - exhibition "First Plastic", Chelyabinsk, GoGreenCentre.
April 25 - May 18, 2021 - eco-exhibition "Eco Art Russia 2021", gallery "Contrast", Yekaterinburg, Russia.
April 20 - May 10, 2021 - "Youth Exhibition of the Union of Artists of Russia", House of the Union of Artists, Yekaterinburg, Russia.
2021 (January-March 2021) - exhibition "Attic. Poekhov. Art", Art space "Beaumond", Yekaterinburg, Russia.
2020 - Personal exhibition "HIDDEN" ("Hidden"), Art Space, Yekaterinburg, Russia.
2019 - Competition "Modern talents" of the François Schneider Foundation, France.
2018 - Personal exhibition "Heart of the Ocean", Art Space, Yekaterinburg, Russia.

painters works
Ryzhkova Olga
Painting, 50 x 50 cm
Price upon request
Ryzhkova Olga
Painting, 60 x 60 cm
Price upon request
Hello! Two-two
Ryzhkova Olga
Painting, 70 x 50 cm
Price upon request
Very berry heart
Ryzhkova Olga
Painting, 80 x 80 cm
Price upon request

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