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Past exhibition
25 June – 15 July 2022
About exhibition:

The new Nikolskaya Gallery project features artworks by British artist Katya Kan. The exhibition "Utopia" is a local study of work, which has collected several technical areas of painting.
Traditions and symbols of different cultures are closely intertwined in the artworks of Katya Kan.  The artist's worldview appears as a kind of globalization model: she was born in Kazakhstan, her father is a North Korean, and her mother is Russian.  Katya spent her early childhood in the USSR, and for the last 30 years she has been living in England; she developed a conflicting perception of cultural systems.  The artist calls herself an outsider with an eclectic taste, unable to assimilate into any culture.
In Katya Kan's author's utopia, the eclecticism of artistic images and styles becomes the perfect form of self-expression.  Neo-expressionism organically manifests itself next to magical realism and surrealism, and the interweaving of elements of east and west reveals a new optics of perception of culture.
Painting becomes an instrument with which Katya Kan explores the world and its patterns.  Her artworks seek to capture ephemeral phenomena, which at the same time shed light on the eternal.  Observing social processes outside of belonging to any culture, the artist forms her own traditions both in painting and in life.
Katya Kan is a permanent participant of international group and solo exhibitions.  Her artworks has been exhibited at the Whitechapel Gallery and the ICA in London amongst other prestigious international establishments including the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles and the Untitled Space in New York.

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