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Past exhibition
Митина Елена
01 March – 31 May 2023
About exhibition:

The Soul Talk project presents a series of works of the same name by Russian artist Elena Mitina. The plots of the paintings explore the aspects that fill the inner world of a person, and the emotions associated with it.

The artist calls the search and finding oneself a life-long road. Picturesque images reflect the author's experience in the process of getting to know himself, appealing to the theme of subpersonality. Here the viewer is met by romantic, philosophical and sometimes ironic figurative subjects. They are connected both with everyday life and with key vital categories - love, motherhood, career and knowledge.

After several years of searching for the author's style and themes for creativity, the artist has formed an individual visual style at the intersection of pop art and abstraction. The use of elements of academic painting and the appeal to the images of ancient sculptures creates the impression of a plot outside of time. Abstract colored forms add dynamics to a static image, enhancing the emotional sound of the composition.

Elena Mitina's painting reminds the viewer of the value of dialogue with the inner "I" and inspires him to listen to the true voice of his soul. The laconic monochrome background with decorative folds appears as a symbolic veil that hides the informational noise and the pressure of the circumstances of the outside world. This allows you to focus on a pure subconscious image through which our real desires and aspirations manifest.

Elena Mitina is an artist originally from Yekaterinburg, a graduate of the I. D. Shadr Art School and the Ural Academy of Architecture and Art. Currently lives and works in Moscow. More than 15 years of work in the advertising industry - in glossy magazines, in international and Russian holdings as a designer, art director, creative director. 8 years ago I returned to painting.

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