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Past exhibition
Russian-Chinese seasons 2018
13 June – 10 September 2018
About exhibition:

In POPUPMUSEUM, which will be located in six atriums with a total area of ​​2,000 square meters in the Neo Geo design business center, a large-scale opening will commence on the cultural exchange, art and innovation of the two countries.

In the "Russian-Chinese seasons 2018" will take part about 100 domestic and international authors. The exposition will include carefully selected works, representing outstanding examples of international contemporary art. The format of the Biennale "Russian-Chinese Seasons 2018" is ideal for those who have long been interested in contemporary art, and for beginners. It allows you to get acquainted with the best works of both domestic and international contemporary artists.

The Russian-Chinese Biennale "Russian-Chinese Seasons 2018" will present an extensive exposition of Russian and Chinese art: painting, graphics, sculpture, performance, digital-art, immersive performance, video art. Among the authors of the Biennale are painting masters who have earned international recognition and beginners. Many viewers for the first time will be able to get acquainted with modern Chinese and Russian art in a large format on the territory of one art space - POPUPMUSEUM.

Among the participants who have already confirmed their participation in the "Russian-Chinese seasons of 2018" are: Milk Coffe, LiuNinghui, Francesca Kao, BYBright, Zhaozhao, Xu Fan, Dong Jin, Patrick, Xiur, Sheguan Hu, Konstantin Osmerkin, Gregor Goranin , Romani Kadaria, Alexey Vasin, Konstantin Khudyakov, Ksenia Shlyakova, Sergey Konov, Artem Diathyan, Nastia Miró, Masha Yankovskaya, Sergey Romanov, Olga Didzhikova, Vasil Hannanov, Andrei Timofeev, Alexander Stotsky, Nadezhda Voynova, Alexey Belyaev-Gintovt, Leta Dobrovolskaya , Roman Reznitsky, Oleg Zayarsky, Valery Chtak, Konstantin Slepukhin, Masha Puchok, Elena Yamli Rovshan Rzayev, Marina Rakhmatulina, Ekaterina Voron, Alexey Kallima, Mikhail Most, Anton Stekolshikov, Ksenia Stekolschikova, Alexandra Ivleva, Irina Lagoshina and many others.

The exhibition space of the Biennale "Russian-Chinese Seasons 2018" will be divided into two main sections: the Russian "ART RUSSIA" - in the green part of the atriums and the Chinese "ART CHINA" - in the red section.

The extensive non-commercial program of the Biennale will be united by the theme of "Friendship between China and Russia". The exposition of the Biennale will be supplemented by a number of special projects, one of which is the immersive performance of Olga Kalashnikova.

The opening of the Biennale of the Russian-Chinese Seasons 2018 is a closed exclusive event, which will be attended by the most prominent representatives of secular and cultural Moscow, foreign celebrities, who are among the first to visit a unique event in the field of contemporary art and cultural exchange of countries. The invitations to the opening of the Biennale "Russian-Chinese Seasons 2018" will have an exceptional opportunity to examine the impressive exhibition of the Biennale, surrounded by real connoisseurs of contemporary art, even before the leading Moscow and international editions start writing about it.

In the remaining days the Biennale works in a free mode: from 12.00 to 20.00, the entrance and parking are free, with pre-registration:

8 985 774 2936, info@popupmuseum.ru

From June 13 to September 10, every Sunday, within the framework of the Biennale, there will be free guided tours for all comers. The excursions start at 17.00 and 18.00. Duration: 40 minutes. Collect the group at the front desk.

Visiting the exposition on the remaining days for visitors is free. For children, educational master classes are provided.

 "The Biennale of Contemporary Art" Russian-Chinese Seasons 2018 "will bring together the cultures of the two countries of Russia and China and become an example of cultural interaction and exchange for many art clusters in the international arena." - commented partner POPUPMUSEUM and director of art holding SYARTFOUNDATION Song Young.

 "Pop Up Museum - an innovative project in the field of art, designed to integrate art in all its manifestations into the everyday life of the viewer. The emergence of new conceptual business and residential spaces allows creating unique exhibition solutions and opening new ones as domestic and now foreign names. By integrating art objects into residential and business quarters, we introduce the audience to an endless pleiad of artists, designers, graphic artists, performers ... This model allows to support art in a large scale, to bring artistic aesthetics to the surrounding world, thereby bringing it closer to the viewer and multiplying the cultural and historical heritage.

The POPUPMUSEUM format allows to carry out both local exhibition projects and cultural international exchanges - the Biennale "Russian-Chinese Seasons 2018" and enter the international level of interaction between art clusters. "- says organizer PopUpMuseum and director Nikolskaya Gallery Irina Nikolskaya.

For accredited media, a press conference is planned on the opening day. Press conference will last from 16:00 to 17:00.

Contact for accreditation:

Anastasia Sinelnikova


Tel. +7 (925) 731-95-00

The delivery of journalists is carried out by shuttle MERCEDES SPRINTER with the identification sign Pop Up Museum and the Biennale "Russian-Chinese Seasons 2018" (18-20 seats) from the metro station Kaluzhskaya.

At 15.00 the shuttle will be served to the metro station, at 15.30 it is planned to leave for the museum.

Route: m. Kaluzhskaya - st. Butlerova d. 17.

After the press conference at 19.00 the main part of the opening program will begin.









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