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08 December – 08 December 2018
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December 7, 2017 at 18.00 at the address: Moscow, ul. Butlerova 17 Nikolskaya Gallery and developer Stone Hedge will open the project - Pop Up Museum, dedicated to the popularization of contemporary Russian art of the 21st century. The museum will feature more than 300 paintings by 100 Russian artists. The site for the project will be 2000 square meters. m. atriums of the design business center Neo Geo.

The first all-Russian project POP UP MUSEUM from STONE HEDGE & NIKOLSKAYA GALLERY is a temporary museum, lasting one year.
POP UP MUSEUM PURPOSE: popularization of Russian contemporary art and revival of philanthropy in Russia.
- educational;
- social;
- cultural.
MISSION POP UP MUSEUM: expansion of the cultural environment beyond the Garden Ring.
 - improving the image of the city;
 - the creation of a new cultural center of attraction in the South-West of Moscow.
POP UP MUSEU - the exhibition site of the museum was 2000 square meters. m (the storehouse of the museum is 1000 square meters) and is located in the design BC Neo Geo with a total area of ​​130,000 square meters. m - "city in the city".
POP UP MUSEUM - the project that put a signal to business and the city to revive patronage in Russia.

The exhibition Pop Up Museum will feature contemporary Russian artists, among them young and novice authors: Valery Chtak, Leta Dobrovolskaya, Ksenia Stekolschikova, Masha Yankovskaya, Roman Reznitsky, Zhiltsova Svetlana, Elena Tolstaya and the already well-known, recognized masters: Pavlovskaya E YU., Stekol'shchikov AV, Polkovnichenko AK, Shcherbina VN, Kanushkin AS, Naumova ML, Ipatenko TV, Konovalova NI, Pokladova IA ., Malyutin S.V., BolMotskikh EG, Unkovsky A.A. and many others. It is worth noting that many of the paintings presented at the Pop Up Museum were previously shown in the exhibition halls of the Moscow Art Unions and will be presented for the first time to a wide audience. The

Irina Nikolskaya, director of the Nikolskaya Gallery
"Pop Up Museum is incredibly relevant in the light of the current situation with the exhibition professional venues in Russia, which are visited by a narrow academic community and a wide range of people are unknown. The emergence of new conceptual business centers and residential complexes allows us to discover unique exhibition solutions and names. By integrating art into the business and residential quarters of Stone Hedge, we introduce the viewer to new Russian names, thus bringing aesthetics to the world of business and life. This model allows in large-scale plan to support art, bring it closer to the viewer and make the environment full of cultural and historical heritage. "

Lisenkova Elena, art critic, art critic
"In preparation for the project, more than 1,000 works by Russian artists were considered. Pop Up Museum is just beginning its life and we tried to take the maximum number of authors in the museum's exposition, whose works seemed to us the most relevant and important for the audience."

To ensure high artistic quality, Nikolskaya Gallery invited members of the Moscow Union of Artists, the creative group ART BOXING, and also attracted young authors from the Red Center, Rasfigachochnoe De Bosh, the Russian musical collective D-Pulse.

Curators POP UP MUSEUM became: Lisenkova Elena, Merzlikina Galina, Nikolskaya Irina. The exposition will include various trends: social realism, realism, impressionism, post-impressionism, figurative art, avant-garde, abstract direction, sculpture. At the exhibition you can see such genres as landscape, still life, genre composition, portrait, performance, video art. The museum will be available to visitors during the whole next year. Entrance to the exhibition will be free. Among the guests of the evening there will be representatives of the government, business elite and creative intelligentsia. Guest and presenter of the evening - Mikhail Bogdasarov Soviet and Russian theater and film actor, film director.

Maxim Geiser, CEO of the development company Stone Hedge
"We hope that the opening of the Pop Up Museum will not only promote modern Russian art, but will also create a new art dominant from NEO GEO, which will become the center of cultural attraction for Muscovites." During the period of the museum's operation it is also planned to hold master classes and lectures on the history of arts from leading teachers of art universities and top designers, excursions around the halls of the exhibition space of the museum. Follow the schedule in the social networks of the project.

ARTISTS ARRIVING IN THE POP UP MUSEUM PROJECT: Elena Pavlovskaya, Boris Smotrov, Elena Tolstaya, Olga Sumskaya, Andrei Unkovskiy, Grigory Tsvetkov, Grigory Pozharsky, Masha Yankovskaya, Roman Reznitsky, Yury Steingarc, Elena Polkovnichenko, Valery Chtak, Tatyana Ipatenko, Anna Ipatenko Tatyana Stewart, Irina Pokladova, Elena Bolotskikh, Irina Gorlanova, Elena Belotelova, Medvedev Sergey, Smirnov Sergey, Vera Elnitskaya, Tatyana Tereshchenko, Ekaterina Shchedrova, Yulia Bruzhayte, Dina Kalinkina, Tamara Axirova, Victoria Aksenova, Irina Goremykina, Naumova Maria, Anne Toly Kanushkin, the dynasty Stekol'shchikov, Mlada Finogenova, Vyacheslav Scherbina, Vladimir Pankratov, Nadezhda Umanbek, Natalia Konovalova, Alexander Verstov, Karine Nazarova, Lyudmila Sapozhnikova - Duke, Peter Pavlov, Yuri Popkov, Nikolay Morozov, Elena Varshavchyk, Vitaly Orlovsky, Zhuravlev Oleg, Olga Lisenkova and others.

Nikolskaya Gallery - a gallery dedicated to Russian art of the XX - XXI century. The project is addressed to collectors and professional market participants, primarily investors, analysts, artists and connoisseurs of beauty. The gallery is represented by such directions as Russian realism, impressionism, modernism. In the gallery there are rare collectible paintings of Soviet realism and industrial landscape, actively developing modern art. Nikolskaya Gallery started its activities in 2016.

The STONE HEDGE investment fund is an investment fund that accumulates funds and invests in projects related to real estate. Works since 2012. Specializes in redevelopment of production areas, construction of business centers.

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