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Past exhibition
Резницкий Роман
02 November – 16 November 2017
About exhibition:

The new series from the cycle of the project "FROM POP TO ART" is the result of a series of the author's most interesting experiments in mixing artistic methods and styles, where the artist depicts bold and shameless stories full of ironic eroticism. Reznitsky seems to translate familiar pop-art patterns into the modern language of smartphones and social networks. Irony and attention to detail make the paintings thoughtful, ideologically filled and memorable. They depict well-known images to almost everyone. However, they are passed through the prism of color, graphics, conciseness. Reality becomes more expressive, more expressive, more intense. The paintings presented as part of the project are not only a continuation of the traditions of the now popular pop art genre and the work of the artist Roy Lichtenstein, beloved by the author, but also personal creative experience and reflections on the time in which we live. Roman Reznitsky: “Through pictures I express my emotions that are born inside. The basis of my work is bright colors, no less bright women and subjects borrowed from modern life.”​

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