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Current exhibition
Fashion Jewelry
30 August 2022
About exhibition:

The joint project of Nikolskaya Gallery and Gallery Marquess presents a unique exhibition of jewelry art inspired by the intersection of fashion and jewelry. The exhibition includes works created for haute couture fashion by various talented artists.

Jewelry art is one of the oldest and widespread types of arts and crafts. Being closely associated with the changing conditions of historical life (for example, with the specifics of clothing styles), jewelry played the role of a kind of signs that revealed the social status of their owner, and also had a magical meaning.

In the process of historical development, the social and prestigious significance of jewelry most often replaced the religious and magical ideas associated with them. Until the 21st century, jewelry art remains one of the means of creating a coherent artistic environment, which makes it possible to simultaneously emphasize both the beauty of the source material and the sophistication of its processing.

Nowadays jewelry art not only emphasizes the status of the owner, but is also more closely intertwined with fashion. Decorations created according to classical canons are becoming a thing of the past. Jewelry designers are becoming bolder, more ambitious, and talented craftsmen bring any ideas to life.

The «Fashion Jewelry» exhibition opens the viewer to aesthetically unique pieces of jewelry art. The jewelry presented here combines the incredible experience of craftsmen and modern approaches to jewelry design. The exhibition becomes a center of attraction for beauty and talent, an inspiring visual and spiritual experience.

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