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Past exhibition
Шмакова Елизавета
14 September – 01 December 2023
About exhibition:

Nikolskaya Gallery and STONE present Elizaveta Shmakova’s personal exhibition “Dreamwalkers”. As part of the project, the viewer gets acquainted with selected works from painting and graphic series dedicated to the depth of the subconscious. This depth is fully revealed to us in dreams, revealing the most incredible fantasies. The exhibition is united by the desire to understand psychological states such as anxiety, tenderness, euphoria, fear and acceptance through a surreal image.

Elizaveta Shmakova is a Russian artist originally from Sochi, currently living and working in Bangkok (Thailand). Graduate of the Moscow State Academy of Arts and Sciences named after. S. G. Stroganov in the direction of “Monumental and Decorative Painting” and “Free Workshops” of MMOMA. Elizabeth calls the goal of her art to appeal to the viewer to the world of phantasmagoria and surrealism. She connects the subjects of her works with the study of topics reflecting current everyday life. However, in each of them, reality and the transcendent are intertwined, forming a unique artistic universe.

At the heart of her compositions, the artist uses elements associated with sleep - unclear contours, unusual combinations, unexpected shapes. They reflect the ideas, experiences and emotional state of the author through symbolic images. Experimenting with various painting techniques and techniques allows us to express the diversity of the surreal genre. Each work combines visual symbols and abstract forms that direct the viewer's attention from the external to the internal. The eclecticism of the images is associated with impressions of religions and cultures of different countries, experienced by the artist while traveling around the world.

The Dreamwalkers project opens up the possibility of a new viewing experience and inspires a person to have an internal dialogue and explore their deepest experiences. He invites you to slow down and listen to yourself, feel the voice of your Self and return to the amazing fantasies that live in each of us. Muffled by the noise of the material world, they nevertheless remain with us and play the role of invisible guides of our destiny.

The exhibition is only available to STONE visitors

Exhibition dates: September 14 - December 1, 2023

Address: Bumazhny proezd, vl. 19, page 1

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